About me


I am Hiba Shabrouq.

I don’t believe that you should follow a passion! I will tell you why you should start following your VISION instead.  

I studied Telecommunications Engineering in PSUT- Jordan, which I thought would be my passion. I loved everything about it, yet, once I graduated and worked in the technical field in one of the biggest telecom companies in Jordan, I started seeing that local technical telecom industry was saturated and I might need to shift my career path to be able to excel. 

At the time I thought I hate the business field, I decided to give it a shot since it was needed by the market. Yes! it becomes my new passion, and I got a master’s degree in Business Entrepreneurship from PSUT-Jordan.   

The combination of both "what I thought I loved" and "what I thought I hated" led me to everything you see in here

What I mean to say in a nutshell, passion is dynamic, and you will ultimately LOVE what you do if you are following a vision, you will bear the hidden routine in what you do for the sake of achieving your moon shot. Be the puppet master of your life rather than a victim. Life is not a low hanging fruit! stop biting your nails, roll up your sleeves and try to do things you THINK you hate, take lessons as much as you can by failing, invest more in yourself and always play with the full deck

Along the way, I became

A Stevie Award Winner

As a Woman in Business and as an Employee of the year in the Telecommunications Industry - New York/USA


Part of Youths Meeting HM King Abdullah II of Jordan

to discuss the challenges of Jordanian youths an propose ways to solve them


A Youth Accompanied HM King Abdullah II of Jordan in the First Row

During King Abullah Fund for Development annual ceremony

A TEDx speaker

Sharing the reasons of why we need to Think as Entrepreneurs, Act as Engineers! over TEDx PSUT stage - Amman/Jordan


A TechWomen fellow

Who got a professional mentorship at LinkedIn HQ - California / USA in the product management field  


Part of the Jordanian winning team

Over Twitter HQ - San Francisco stage and during TechWomen program , our project "Ozwah" was the only Arab winning project - California / USA


Part of the Jordanian Ladies Meeting HM Queen Rania Al Abdullah

To discus Jordanian women's challenges after winning in TechWomen program 


Part of Women Ambassador Forum

which facilitates the cooperation of emerging leaders with established leaders to empower women and promote gender equality in Texas / USA


The President of New Horizons Toastmasters Club

For 2018/2019 TM year, we managed to get:

- 10 DCP points

- Club DCP Achiever Award

- Smedly Award

- Club Fast Track Advanced Award


Part of Aspire Young Professionals

As the only Jordanian participated in 2017 in a unique educational and professional development experience. Brasov / Romania 

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